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VA consultants, strategic advice, is a French-Colombian company established in Bogotá since 2011.We provide consulting services for small and medium-sized companies to enable them in a competitive and changing world. Our divisions offer a wide range of business support services from the design and implementation to specific managements, guidelines and key indicators.

We always proceed with caution and a diagnosis step is necessary, which allows everyone to identify the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company must face. The business understanding in its specific industry is essential in order to determine an appropriate strategy in a often competitive environment.


Financial Analysis: Financial planning, project valuation, capital fundraising, cash flow
management, capital structure, debt- equity and risk management.

Marketing research: Sales effectiveness, marketing planning, product portfolio management,
key account management, network support and sales optimization.

Strategic Studies: Strategic planning, business sustainability, business model transformation,
operational excellence, corporate agility and design, monitor and evaluation of business

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